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WACC Parent Workshop at Walt Whitman Middle School met with major success!

WACC's Saturday School workshop pilot program parent orientation at Walt Whitman Middle School was met by smashing success.

WACC has partnered with Walt Whitman middle school in Fairfax County, Virginia to meet the needs of African immigrant students within the school by offering mentoring programs, college prep workshops to both students and parents. These workshops are intended to support academic achievement and college readiness.

School officials including Walt Whitman school principal Roger Vanderhye, assistant principle Ivan Johnson, Student Services director Mark Ausbrooks, ESOL instructor Mrs. Joanne Mayers-Walker and a county school board official met with about 15 parents in the African community.

Parents had the opportunity to learn about FCPS programs and academic offerings and had the opportunity to ask questions. All information was interpreted into Twi by FCPS parent laison Mrs. Meg Turkson.

Parents were very pleased with the information provided and commented how accessible the information became since interpretation services were provided. One parent noted how he had no idea the wealth of offerings FCPS had and coming to the parent workshop helped him identify programs he would like his child to participate in.

100 percent of parents surved said the program was beneficial, that having Twi translation helped understand the information better and that they would recommend this program to a friend.

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